Guitar/ Amp/ Pedal Servicing and Repairs

Full Setup:

Acoustic, Electrics, Basses, Mandolins:

From $165

Guitars with Floyd Rose/ Floating Tremolos:

From $225

What is a Full set up?

A Full Setups Includes (some if not all):

Hardware Inspection

Fretboard Clean, Oil & Fret Polish

Restring & Tune-up

Truss Rod Adjustment

Action Adjustment

Intonation Adjustment

Body Polish

Guitar Part Replacements: (Setup may be required)

Hardware: Nuts, Machineheads, Saddles, etc

From $90

Electronics: Pots, Switches, Jacks, Pickups etc

From $90

Guitar Repairs:

Major Repairs: Broken Headstocks etc (Set up Included)

From $700

Minor Repairs: Cracked Fingerboards etc (May Require Setup)

From $180

Amplifier and Pedal services:

Amplifier Service and Repair:

From $240

Pedal Service and Repair:

From $90

Additional Notes*

*All listed prices may vary based and the individul instrument condition and/or additional work required

*All repairs are collected on a friday, with a minimum 2 week turnaround from day of collection

*Part choice and sourcing can be arranged either by Guitar Paradise or Owner.

*All job prices listed have an already included minimum charge of $45

*All prices exclude parts,strings, tubes, etc.